Dance Photographer New York

Bring a friend! If you know another person that needs a headshot/full body shot, you can share the time.

All rates include this package:
  • Unlimited looks - headshots and full body
  • Online gallery for proofing usually within 48 hours
  • You get All images in high resolution AND web-ready jpegs
  • 3 retouched images (your picks from gallery)

Payment is due at time of shoot.

Headshot Q & A's

Do I need a professional photographer?
Yes you do! Here's why:

There is a certain lens that is considered a 'portrait' lens. A professional like me will have this lens, and will know how to use it. There is also lighting equipment and
accessories professionals have and know how to use.

Post Process
We want you to look your best! As a professional I have the editing tools to do the final touch up on your headshot. That includes having special software made just for portraits.

It helps to have photographed different people under different circumstances. A professional will have the ability to find what poses work best for you.

What should I wear?
Usually solid colors work best. Distracting patterns are obviously a poor choice. Something that complements your eyes is a good choice. Bring a variety - I don't limit you to one change or look. You should pick something appropriate for what you are using your headshot for. If you are a dancer than a dance type top is best.

Can I bring somebody with me?
Sure, I encourage that. But they should be willing to help a bit. If they have a good eye for detail that is best - maybe they can spot something that we have missed. If you are a minor, than you MUST bring another person with you.

How many photos will I get?

As part of the package I give you just about all the images we take at the shoot. An exact number is hard to say, but usually more than a hundred.

What post-processing do you do?
I post-process them all for correct color balance and exposure. For your final picks (see above for how many those are) I do a general portrait touch-up. I use a 'light touch'...meaning I try to make you look your best without looking phoney. I crop those final picks to 8 X 10. For the images that you haven't selected as your final picks, you can still use them, or have them edited by a third party. So don't stress too much about picking your favorites!

Why is the indoor rates different than the outdoor rate?
The indoor rates includes the studio rental fee.

Company studio shoots for promotional images have similar rates - please email me with your goals for the shoot.

Please email me with any questions. See below for more information.

Dancer Headshot/Full Body Rates


(Non-dancers are welcome!)

Indoor studio rates
$150 - 60 minutes.
$200 - 90 minutes
$250 - 120 minutes

If you are under 18 years of age you must bring a parent or guardian to the shoot.

On Pointe Photo

212 769-2422

Outdoor Rates

$100 for 60 minutes

$125 for 90 minutes

$150 for 120 minutes