New York City is my home, and has given me the opportunity to see many great dance performances. Photography has also been a source of great pleasure - I guess that is why being a dance photographer over the the last 10 years has brought me so much satisfaction. Capturing what makes dance special - that is a great joy. Thanks to all you choreographers and dancers for doing what you do!

You can see some fun facts about my dance photography on the experience page.

Tiffany Rea-Fisher
WAXworks (Williamsburg Art Nexus)
Alessia Della Casa
Eros Movement Company
Bedford Dance Ensemble
Shannon Renninger
Kalamandir Dance Company
Loose Change Dance Collective
Shauna Sorensen & Dancers
Ako Ando
Javier Padilla
max siegling
Miriam Wasmund
AJ Sharp
Alyssa Gersony
Kaitlin Hines
Shawn T Bible
Marissa Rae Niederhauser
Shannon Dooling- New Street Dance Group
Ashley Menestrina
Caitlin Dutton
Amanda Hameline
Krissy Harris
Micayla Wynn
Raja Feather Kelly - the feath3r theory
Daniel Flores
Aimee Plauche
Carlo Antonio Villanueva
Katie Vason
Alexander Lee Vizzi (Li Cata)
Amanda MacLeod

Darcy Lyons

Meg Weeks

Adrienne Wagner

Amanda Papa - Solo Danza

Donna Cicchesi

Sandra Kramerova

Sura Hertzberg

Adrian Galvin

Anna Troester

Robert Foerster

Ariane Bernier

Alejandra Iannone & Nolan McKew

Cat Wagner

Jacqueline Stewart

Raven Jelks

Carrie J. Brown

Derek DiMartini

Mark Schmidt

Natalie Canizares

Nicole Kadar

Shirah Perry

Natalie N. Johnson

Renee Gerardo

Ellyn Sjoquist

Kristin Swiat

Amy Love Beasley

Jana Prager

Julia Burrer

Rebecca Lubart

Amy Miller
Amiti Perry
Bridge for Dance

LoBrace DanceWorks
Harmony Theatre - Jennifer Lisette Lopez
Dalia Carella
MarDel Dance

Kristin Hatleberg
Laura Neese

Julie Troost

Eric Bandiero

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I've had the wonderful opportunity to do photography for the following artists: