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Dance Photography Q & A's

Do I need a professional dance photographer?
Of course you do! Here are a few reasons why:

Shooting a wedding or headshot is a lot different than shooting a dance performance. They are all demanding, but they are different. As a dance photographer with a lot of experience, I know how to get quality images under many different settings. Being familiar with a venue helps a lot (lighting rigs and stage dimensions, etc), and so does knowing how various festivals are structured (how the techs are run). Being a dance enthusiast also helps - before becoming a dance photographer I spent many a night watching some great dance performances, so I know what to look for. Also, you learn a lot after taking thousands and thousands of images!

It is no secret that cameras have gotten better over the last few years. To get good images though, having the right lens is the probably more important - and that means professional grade lenses. In a nutshell, these lenses work better in low light - they are made to let in more light. A non-professional probably hasn't invested in such lenses. A professional will also have a variety of these lenses in different focal lengths that best suit a venue. Back to the camera - a professional will have a pro camera - one that can keep up with the demands of photographing dance.

Post Processing
Capturing good images is just the start. A professional will have the tools to make your images look their best. I won't bore you with the details, but most images can always benefit from some post processing. As a matter of fact, if the images are taken with getting the best quality possible in mind, then post processing is mandatory. I take the time after the shoot to make the images (and your dancers) look as good as possible.

To be a successful dance photographer, one needs to have repeat business. Most of the gigs that I book are companies that I have previously done work for. Doing everything I can to get an artist's respect is paramount. That means being on time, behaving in a professional manner, and of course providing them with great images.


How many images will I get?
I generally shoot a lot of images, and provide you with most of them.  As to exactly how many images you will receive, that depends on several factors, like length of the work and how many different 'looks' there are. For a short work probably close to a hundred, if not more. Obviously more for a longer work. Please note that these aren't set amounts - but I have never gotten a complaint about not getting enough images.

Are the images ready to use?
As stated above, these are all optimized to get the best quality possible. I provide both full size jpegs and web ready jpegs. The full size ones are for printing. The web ready ones are for emailing or posting on your web site. If you want to do some more work on them (brightening, cropping, saturation, etc) you are free to do so.

How do I get them?
For short works I usually make them available on Dropbox. If you prefer them on disc I can do that for an additional fee ($10).

Who owns the photos?
The copyright remains at all times with me. I allow you non-commercial usage rights for these images. You can use them on your web site or for promotional materials at no additional cost. A photo credit must accompany any use of the photos. You cannot accept any payment for use of these images. Any other uses must have written consent from me.

Do you save the photos?
I do my best to keep all the photos I have taken. You should always make up a backup when you receive the images. If you lose them I can probably dig them up, but will have to charge a fee. How much the fee is depends on how long ago the photos where taken, how many there were, and how they were initially delivered.

Eric Bandiero

New York Dance Photographer

Dance Photography

I am a NYC dance photographer - photographing dance is my specialty.

If you are interested in having photos taken of your performance or rehearsal you can contact me either by email or phone as listed here.

Your work is important - having great images is a way to showcase it. You can utilize the images on social media, promotional materials, your web site, reviews, etc. I have photographed more than 1200 works (fortunate me!)...let my experience help you get some great images.

Festival short work rate $30 - $50*
A full length work $125*

  All rates include:

  • The dance photography shoot and post-processing.
  • Plenty of images - I take a lot of photos!
  • Permission to use images for non-commercial purposes
  • I provide both web ready and full sized versions of each image.

*Each dance shoot is unique, and so rates can vary. Please provide me with more details to get an exact quote. For studio and promotional shoots, please see the studio shoot page.

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